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Regardless of whether you’re running a bar, lodging, café, bistro, overnight boardinghouse, or some other specialty section of the hospitality business, your patrons anticipates quick, cooperative, and fruitful help. With the hospitality industry being a fast-moving industry, the budgetary records of any business inside the business must be forward-thinking. Payment should be followed, staff must be rewarded, the charge must be accurately recorded, and you should know about the income status of your business consistently. When you engage Angel Tactical Bookkeeping for bookkeeping, I do it all. There is no need for accounting staff, no data entry, no dealing with day to day issues. Many firms offer what they call bookkeeping, which is nothing more than basic data entry. I handle your billing, vendor relationships, cash flow, reporting, tax preparation, insurances, leases, permits, credit applications and so much more.

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Hello! I'm Angela!

Angel Tactical Bookkeeping provides unparalleled, personalized accounting services to a broad range of clients across the United States. As your Bookkeeper, I’m here to ensure that all of your financial decisions are made carefully and with your best interests in mind. As an independent woman, I serve my clients with honesty, loyalty, and attention to detail so I can be proud of my work and my career. As a military spouse, I have learned to wear many different hats as well as serve my country by supporting my husband and to "roll with the punches" and know that change is inevitable. As a mother, my love for my 4 children is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

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“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” -Napoleon Hill


Quality Bookkeeping Services

An Expert in Everything You Need

Working with a professional bookkeeper will save you time and money while giving you peace of mind so you can focus your attention on growing your business. Here at Angel Tactical Bookkeeping, I can assure you that your books will be maintained with the highest level of integrity and your finances will meet all statutory requirements for your state. You will have peace of mind knowing your bookkeeping will be done using systems to ensure consistency, uniformity and above all, quality in the work completed. 


Pricing is tailored to your company's needs with custom packages available, and I’m fully equipped to handle all your financial demands that your business needs. Working with a wide variety of clients in multiple areas, I’ve earned clout and respect in the industry for my powerful drive and an exceptional number of handling skills. Get in touch with me and start using my professional services today!


Certified QuickBooks Online Pro-Advisor

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  • Who better to help you with your outsourced bookkeeping needs than a QuickBooks ProAdvisor? Trained and continual training with QuickBooks online allows me to offer all the services offered through QuickBooks

  • Every company is different in its own way of processing things. With a one time fee, we help you to set up QuickBooks Online, guide you through configuration, setting up a chart of accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank reconciliations and ongoing data entry.

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciling your business checking account each month allow us to keep your bank account, accounting, and taxes up-to-date.

Having us reconcile your account each month allows you to...

  • Identify lost checks, lost deposits and unauthorized wire transactions.

  • Detect and prevent excess/unjustified bank charges and ensures transactions are posted correctly by your bank.

  • Detect and prevent embezzlement of funds from within your company.

  • Know how your business is doing? You can't really know unless all accounts are reconciled and properly accounted for on your financial statement.

  • Manage cash more effectively. Proper management of funds not only saves money, but it also makes money for you.

  • Protect yourself. By timely reconciling and promptly objecting to your bank about any unauthorized, fraudulent or forged checks presented to your bank and paid by that bank, you can relieve your agency of responsibility for the shortfall and transfer the risk to the bank. This reason to reconcile alone should be enough. Crime exists.

  • Sleep Better. You will sleep more peacefully at night knowing your bank accounts are reconciled, in balance and that all escrow funds, accounts, checks, and disbursed funds are properly accounted for.

Accounts Payable

  • I have been successfully delivering customized Accounts Payable outsourcing services that are suited for your particular business requirement. When you outsource Accounts Payable to me, you are able to control your expenditure patterns as well as demand for special privileges from vendors in the form of price or volume discounts.

  • The Accounts Payable process throws light on available free credits, payable days, purchase order mandates, and Accounts Payable cycle efficiency. Accurate Accounts Payable reconciliation plays a vital role in clearing unpaid bills within the stipulated date. Outsourcing your Accounts Payable management requirement to me will help you to avoid paying fines or interest for late bill payments.

  • The reliable and professionally managed Accounts Payable outsourcing services provided by me gives you the freedom to concentrate on your mission-critical financial issues and strategic goals. Outsourced Accounts Payable services ensure that you obtain a streamlined Accounts Payable process flow leading to optimizing of profit for your organization.

Accounts Receivables

  • The Accounts Receivable outsourcing services facilitate prompt invoice generation, thereby enabling dispatch of monthly statements on client-specified dates.

  • The efficient Accounts Receivable process flow is so crafted so that your receivables are quickly converted to revenue through effective cash flow management. This further ensures that you are able to save on collection agency fees as well as expenses incurred when maintaining specialized personnel at your end. Accounts Receivable outsourcing solutions give you an accurate assessment of your overdue invoices and financial standing.

  • I deliver precise Accounts Receivable report services for collection and high-end cash flow management. I offer extensive services for managing customer invoices and we can email clients on your behalf. I provide Accounts Receivable reconciliation services, as well as carry out the initiation of statements pertaining to defaulting invoices.

  • Outsourcing accounts receivables to me optimize the Order to Cash processes to gain operational efficiencies, predict future trends, and enhance enterprise agility to leverage new opportunities.

Payroll Services

  • It's Cost-Effective
    Use your staff more efficiently by letting us handle payroll and the associated legal details. Reduce overhead by removing the need to hire specialized employees.

  • It's a Time Saver
    Our payroll service eliminates the burden of customizing, updating and maintaining your own payroll system--no more data entry, no more researching updates or new laws, no more worries.

  • Worry-Free Payroll Tax Filing
    Eliminate the risks of calculating and filing your own payroll taxes by having professionals do it for you. Federal, state and local payroll tax laws are frequently changing and becoming more complex.  How much time do you want to spend learning all the rules and keeping your information up to date?

  • Allows You To Focus On Core Competencies
    Our professional staff allows you to focus on the core competencies of your business. We are accounting professionals--you get the experts working for you and with you.

  • Comprehensive Reports
    You get a wide variety of user-friendly and accurate payroll reports. For a nominal fee, we will include union reports, certified payroll, workers' compensation reports and much more.

Profit and Loss/Balance Sheet

A profit and loss statement basically adds an itemized list of all your revenues and subtracts an itemized list of all your expenses to come up with a profit or loss for the period.

An income statement allows you to...

  • Track revenues and expenses so that you can determine the operating performance of your business.

  • Determine what areas of your business are over-budget or under-budget.

  • Identify specific items that are causing unexpected expenditures. Like phone, fax, mail, or supply expenses.

  • Track dramatic increases in product returns or cost of goods sold as a percentage of sales.

  • Determine your income tax liability.

A balance sheet gives you a snapshot of your business' financial condition at a specific moment in time.

  • A balance sheet helps you:

  • quickly get a handle on the financial strength and capabilities of your business

  • identify and analyze trends, particularly in the area of receivables and payables. For example, if your receivables cycle is lengthening, maybe you can collect your receivables more aggressively

  • determine if your business is in a position to expand

  • determine if your business can easily handle the normal financial ebbs and flows of revenues and expenses

  • determine if you need to take immediate steps to bolster cash reserves

  • determine if your business has been slowing down payables to forestall an inevitable cash shortage

  • Balance sheets, along with income statements, are the most basic elements in providing financial reporting to potential lenders such as banks, investors, and vendors who are considering how much credit to grant you.

Business Financial Planning

Financial planning is a plan that assesses your business' short term and long term financial plan. Looking at your organizations financial resources, the process is to achieve its corporate goals and objectives. In order to get a plan in place, you need someone reliable and experienced to help you analyze your data and create a sound financial plan. You have goals and aspirations and you need to identify and prioritize your finances in such a way for to meet those goals. I'm the bookkeeper to help you with those goals. Sales budget, expenses budget, budgeted income statement, budget statement of balance sheet and a break even analysis ( the break even point for the budget period of your business).

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Michelle Manning - Happy Vibes Boutique

Knowledge and great customer service. Thank you for taking the stress out of taxes!



Shelly Peackock - TCI

Angela is very knowledgable about QuickBooks and all account and bookkeeping principals. I would highly recommend!!



Glenn Doman - Elevation Services

Angela is great!!! She is very diligent in keeping things in order. Highly recommend!!!



Wendy Hively - Charlie Madison Originals

I adore working with Angela! I'm not sure she realized how complicated my bookkeeping was when she agreed to take on my books, but we have worked together to learn each other's systems and I couldn't ask for a more wonderful gal on my team! She goes out of her way to make sure everything is just right and I highly recommend her to any small business looking to outsource their bookkeeping.


Wendy Hively

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